The Baltic Textile Trading BV in Belgium was established in 2007; it is the subsidiary of the Humana Second Hand Fundraising projects, a Lithuanian not-for-profit organization, that owns and manages the activities of second-hand clothing stores and sorting centres in the EMEA region with more than 200 stores and 3000 employees. During 20 years, from 2003 to 2023, the Lithuanian not-for-profit organization has donated more than € 100M to socially important human and sustainable development and environment protection projects implemented in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. The Belgium’s subsidiary’s share for social and sustainable development projects in 2023 in total was € 700K.

In Belgium, the company’s main brand is Think Twice, which is one of the leading brands in Belgium that promotes sustainable fashion through a cyclic fashion experience by selling vintage wear and second-hand clothing. Furthermore, it is present in the top touristic Belgian cities with a total of 12 shops. Working with a 5-week cycle, one can find anything from exquisite apparel and footwear to easy fashionable basics and accessories. Moreover, the company’s mission is to be a chain that promotes sustainability, affordability, be socially responsible and an organization that gives back to the community. The company’s contribution for donation for the last 5 years was:

2019 € 400.000

2020 € 289.920

2021 € 550.000

2022 € 700.000

2023 € 850.000